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Dancing Dragon presents - Corrupted Files - Metrix Live

Petek 16 December 2016

Live: Metrix (Purple Hexagon records, Ch) Dj sets: Tymja(Purple Hexagon records/Dancing Dragon) Zvuk, Nibiru (Dancing Dragon) Dj.Urich (Independent) >>>

Dancing Dragon presents: 24h Outdoor KOX BOX Live & Dj set

Friday 3 June 2016

Kox Box Live & Dj Set, Clov, Nibiru, Zvuk, Kala, Tian and many more...>>>

Dancing Dragon presents: TOTEMANTRIKA

18. December 2015

YAMAGA ( Hadra records, France) STIKK (ToY Festival, Croatia) TYMJA & SKOKNIPALOKNI (Purple Hexagon rec./Dancing Dragon & Forestdelic records, Slo) N.EO (Spiritual Submarine, Slo) NIBIRU (Dancing Dragon/ Slo) >>>

Dancing Dragon presents: 24h Outdoor KOX BOX Live & Dj set

Friday 3 June 2016

We are proud to present you, on a 24hour outdoor event in the beautiful reagion of the CENTRAL SLOVENIAN FORESTS, one of the living leggend of the planetary Psychedelic trance movement.
Mr. Frank Madsen a.k.a. KOXBOX which is mooving and grooving the dance floors around the world from mid '90.

Koxbox is a psychedelic trance act from Denmark which currently consists of Frank Kiehn Madsen. Known for complex soundscapes, filled with futuristic sounds, samples and sharp funky basslines, he will surely bring about a stomping dancefloor as he does on huge festivals like Ozora, Boom and many others.
KoxBox(originally a trio with Peter Candy and Ian Ion), released their first album Forever After in 1995 firmly establishing them in the psychedelic scene. The quality of their music convinced even the legendary techno producer Sven Vath, which released some of their early material on his label Harthouse. They were later recruited by the label Blue Room. On Blue Room they released a number of singles and the seminal Dragon Tales album in 1997. Their next album The Great Unknown was finally released in 2000. Frank continues to impress solo, both live and DJing with a feel of old school, but nevertheless modern sound. In 2015, he released another fenomenal album on Zero One Music called The Scanner.
In other words, you simply cannot miss this one, a true sonic cure in the heart of mind-bending GREEN FORESTS of SLOVENIA.

KOXBOX (Zero One music, Dk)
KALA (Forestdelic records, Slo/Mk)
ZVUK (Dancing Dragon, Spiritual submarine, Slo)
AGENT MUSHROOM(Flying Carpet, Slo)
SKOKNIPALOKNI (Forestdelic records, Slo)
Djane CLOV (Profound records, Ita)
NIBIRU (Dancing Dragon, Slo)
RAKKAANI (Flying Carpet)
INTIP CHURIN (Flying Carpet, Slo)
TIANN (Forestdelic records, Slo)
DJ.URICH (Indipendent, Slo)
SWARGA (Mizzart/Independent, Slo)
DAMEC (Mizzart, Slo)
N.EO (Spiritual submarine, Slo)

Suport: 12eur before 22.00h
15eur after


Special UV decorations and projections.

Decoration & stage: Peter Kalinski & Dancing Dragon cartoons & Psy Fly dreamcachers & decorations

Visuals: Statist (Forestdelic records, Slo)



Kampiranje je dovoljeno.

*Spoštujmo naravo in pazimo, da okolico zapustimo tako kot smo jo našlji ob prihodu. Smeti odlagajte v koše za smeti in ne mečite ogorkov po travniku.
*Spoštujmo brate in sestre, bodimo strpni.
*Uporaba odprtega ognja je prepovedana zaradi varnostnih razlogov
*Prepovedan je vnos lastne pijače, razen vode, saj drugače ne moremo pokriti vseh stroskov

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