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Kilgore Trout


Kilgore Trout aka Stefan Bevcic came in contact with music in his early days through his musically rich family. After Playing drums in a garage band influenced by music stiles as new age, metal, punk, hard core, grunge and trip hop for 15years  he got in touch with electronic music in late 90's felling in love with the psychedelic culture. After his first gig on Radio Student in 2002 he's playing in all major surrounding clubs like K4, Mizzart, Postgarge - Graz (Austria), Channel Zero, Gala Hala to name a few and festivals and events like Koupadelik, Solar Quest, Symphony, Babylon Youth, The Cathexis, Earthdance and many smaller outdoor parties with well known psy-artists from all over the word. He is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable names in the Slovenian psy trance scene. His performances are a real treat for all fans of good music distinguished by technical perfection, excellent selection and fine development. He loves multiple hour marathon sets in which we are tossed through various galaxies of psyhedelic deep morning growling full
with a good feeling for the audience state of dance.

And here are some memories