Our events

Dancing Dragon presents - Corrupted Files - Metrix Live

Petek 16 December 2016

Live: Metrix (Purple Hexagon records, Ch) Dj sets: Tymja(Purple Hexagon records/Dancing Dragon) Zvuk, Nibiru (Dancing Dragon) Dj.Urich (Independent) >>>

Dancing Dragon presents: 24h Outdoor KOX BOX Live & Dj set

Friday 3 June 2016

Kox Box Live & Dj Set, Clov, Nibiru, Zvuk, Kala, Tian and many more...>>>

Dancing Dragon presents: TOTEMANTRIKA

18. December 2015

YAMAGA ( Hadra records, France) STIKK (ToY Festival, Croatia) TYMJA & SKOKNIPALOKNI (Purple Hexagon rec./Dancing Dragon & Forestdelic records, Slo) N.EO (Spiritual Submarine, Slo) NIBIRU (Dancing Dragon/ Slo) >>>

About us

Dancing Dragon is the leading psytrance event producer in Slovenia with more than 17 years of experience in PSY event organisation.

This is our is our passion from 2002 when we formed after the old school tribe of Naveen, Zvuk and Tymja - Individia - that started Slovenian psychedelic trance movement, split in to different independent psy units.

After more than 11 years of underground event production we transformed from a self-made indoor party production in a wide group of psychedelic artists and artisans concentrated in music, video, decorations and indoor/outdoor event production.

dark, acid, twisted, forest, night, twilight, full-on

Tymja, Zvuk, Naveen, Tilix, Nibiru, I.d., Kilgore trout

always looking for new underground locations, after working in the most important clubs of Ljubljana as Channel zero, Gala Hala, Rog and K4 we are right now active in Kranj in Bazen, always hosting international dj and live guests as Psymmetrix, Aphid moon, Earthling, Dust, Ianuaria, Fagin's reject, Mole, Assioma and many mores never the less supporting the greatest crews and dj's of Slovenia and surroundings.

Born and raised on outdoors we organized two edition of the Koupadelik festival in 2012 and 2013 and plenty other underground events around Slovenia. This is surely our true passion.

The deco/construction team:
dancing dragon cartoons  can move simultaneously around 45 people between decorators, vj's, construction force and engineering.

Free Shape tents:
we dispose of 500m2 stretch tents to rent. Write us on dancingdragon.space@gmail.com

We aspire to create psychedelic trance events where harmony of sound, visuals, decorations, structures, psychedelic art and people fuse into an ambient space until explosion of all senses.
we play underground psytrance preferring acid, twisted, night, twilight, high-tech, forest, morning, deep psytrance grooving and moving the dance floor.